Why clean annually you asked?

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Unsightly stains come from mold, algae, and fungus that’s prone to growing in the humid climate of SWFL. Have you noticed green stuff on your exterior? That’s an airborne algae that can cause long term damage to the surface it sits on. While it’s unsightly to look at, there’s no need for panic. The algae won’t structurally hurt your exterior. Although, it will stain even after cleaning if you don’t clean it off in a timely manner.

When the algae and stain become embedded into your exterior, it can eat away at your paint and be difficult, if not impossible, to remove without repainting. Having your exterior pressure washed by Hoover on an annual basis is the best way to keep it protected from algae growth.

At Hoover, we offer a full exterior clean which includes a thorough pressure clean with appropriate pressure for your type of exterior. We include all your overhang, soffit, fascia, gutter fronts and all outside walls. To clean we mist a light 10-15% injected solution of chlorine, enough to kill the fungus and loosen dirt yet still be plant friendly with no need to cover landscaping. We then rinse with 100% water to remove all dirt, debris and fungus.

Having to cover landscaping is a red flag. You should not end up with burned or destroyed landscaping after cleaning. This happens from improper cleaning methods. At Hoover, we’re know as the Plant Friendly People because of our gentle methods which will not harm your pets or plants. Our team has been helping homeowners and business owners keep their properties cleaned for over 26 years.

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