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We offer and utilize the most cost-effective products, latest equipment and best technology available. It is our continued belief to test and find the best options for taking care of your most expensive asset, your home. With over 25 years of experience you can trust us to continue to find, offer and lead the way in being “The Plant Friendly People”. AND do so in a cost effective and reliable manner. Our specialty equipment allows us to have the proper technology for the type of cleaning you need. Not just a one size fits all. You have the right to ask questions and understand what you are getting. Having to cover landscaping is a red flag. You should not end up with burned or destroyed landscaping after cleaning. This happens from improper cleaning methods.

YES, as a company that believes in “Plant Friendly,” we are always on the lookout for the best products. Our Roof Restore for shingle roof cleaning and Roof-A-Cide prevention are both EPA-approved, non-toxic and safe for the environment, children and pets. For more information, visit

We are pleased to say both the tile and shingle manufacturers have approved a product called Roof-A-Cide that will not void your warranty with proper application (we are an authorized applicator of Roof-A-Cide) and is guaranteed not only by us, but also by the Roof-A-Cide company for a minimum of 2 years (no warranty on white roofs). Roof-a-Cide is a Green Product that is EPA approved, non-toxic to landscaping or the environment. Should you decide to utilize Roof-A-Cide we offer a discount on your final roof cleaning.

If your roof is new (tile or shingle) or we determine it does not need a cleaning we can apply immediately and therefore preventing the need of cleaning. The advantage of this product will help eliminate wear & tear and repeated full cleanings of your roof. In addition, at this time, (according to the manufacturer, to their knowledge, there is currently no known lifetime products on the market that keep fungus from returning.

Shingle roofs may have copper oxide in the granules that effectively discourage fungus for approximately five-seven years. We can also apply the Roof-A-Cide product to guarantee fungus will not return. The advantage of doing so will extend the life of your shingle roof. Some pressure cleaners put pool algaecides or additional chlorine (potentially damaging) on after cleaning the surface. We find minimal if no success in most circumstances with these procedures. Exteriors can have a special algaecide added in the paint that probably will help.

Although there are different manufacturers of roof tiles, we know of only one approved procedure, pressure washing, not (heavy) chemical cleaning. Boral is by far the largest manufacturer of roof tiles in the State of Florida.

They recommend a thorough pressure cleaning not to exceed 1200 P.S.I to remove the dirt, fungus and all chemical residue. This procedure extends the life of the glazing on the tile and prevents serious damage to your metal trim, valley flashing and vents that are critical to the life of your roof system. Many companies say they pressure clean when in fact they are heavy chemical applicators. We suggest when getting quotes for pressure cleaning you should ask two questions. #1 Is chlorine being applied? #2 Is it necessary to cover plants? The way they respond to these questions will tell you whether they are pressure cleaners or chemical cleaners. If they use chemical or they cover your plants or have someone watering your plants while another applies chemical, they are chemical cleaners. We highly recommend you wait no longer than 3 years for cleaning. In addition, we offer the Roof-A-Cide product that can be applied after cleaning.

Yes, being that we are not chemical/softwash cleaners our method of cleaning is to be on the roof while cleaning. Our lead technician is trained per the tile manufacturers guidelines to properly walk on the tiles and not break them. At your request, we will take before and after pictures of your roof for your peace of mind.

Yes, we use Roof Restore® Cleaner it is 100% Bio-degradable, specifically formulated as an Environmentally Safe GREEN PRODUCT, for use on asphalt shingle and stone coated steel. Does not contain any harsh chemicals including; Chlorine, sodium hydroxide (Lye), sodium hypochlorite or TSP – providing the Safest Alternative to costly repairs and damage caused by repeated chemical roof cleaning!

Applied with a light spray to roof (approx. 90 psi), quickly removing all algae, mold and black stains and gently rinsed. In minutes, the roof is clean and restored to it’s original color.

Gloeocapsa Magma is a type of algae that thrives in humid and warm climates. It usually appears first on the North Slope of the roof or home where shade is prevalent and moisture tends to accumulate. The result is usually black streaked areas. The algae produce a dark-pigmented sheath to protect it from ultra-violet rays. By the time the black streaks are noticeable, the algae usually have been growing for months or years – the result of generations of dead algae cells built up over time. Once attached algae feeds on the dead organic matter and accumulated dirt. This causes the surfaces to deteriorate prematurely and diminishes the roof’s abilities to reflect heat rays. If not treated, cleaned and rinsed away, algae will reduce the life of your roof, paint and other surfaces along with diminishing your home’s curb appeal and increase your home cooling expenses.

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