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Hoover Pressure Cleaning: Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality pressure cleaning services in a plant-friendly and environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers based on integrity, trust, and personal connection.

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Our Story

Ordiway - Tanguay family

Missy Ordiway began working at Hoover Pressure Cleaning in 2012, she became the office manager very quickly, the current owners, Michelle & Matt Finely, knew she could handle things while they were away and moved her right into a leadership role. Shortly after Missy began working there, they sold the business to a new owner. It just so happened that at that time Missy hit a huge transition in her life as a single mom. She began running Hoover while it only had 3 employees and for the new absentee owner.

Being that SWFL is a place of high humidity and heat it comes with the constant maintenance of cleaning mold and fungus from homes, our demographics are the highest nationwide of elderly and with that comes a great opportunity for us to help others pressure clean their homes and remain healthy. Missy stayed as the office manager position for 5 years working long hours from 6 am to sometimes 10 pm in the evening to support her 2 young sons. In 2016 she hired Cathie Reichel, and that’s when she made a connection with Will Tanguay, Cathie’s oldest son.

Will and Missy had an instant connection. They are both caring individuals with a passion to help others. They began to date a few short months after they met. They are extremely supportive of one another and never mind pitching in when work needs to be done. Missy left Hoover in 2017 just as the absentee owner was selling. Missy moved on to new ventures that kept her close to Hoover and in touch with the new owners. Missy began working with Deco Products, the company that manufactures the products that Hoover uses to seal concrete and pavers.

During the next few years Missy & Will, went on a ton of adventures with Missy’s 2 sons, Sirus & Sarek. During Covid they purchased their home and adopted Missy’s niece, Catherine. After a year of being separated from his sister, Missy’s nephew Anthony also came to live with them.

Fast forward 5 years, now 4 kids in the house and 3 businesses later, Missy found out that the new owners of Hoover, Tony & Angie Omicioli, were talking about selling. After a short discussion with Tony, Missy & Will pulled together their resources and set themselves out to purchase Hoover Pressure Cleaning. The previous owners set them up with a great head start for success in the company.

Unfortunately, hurricane Ian hit SWFL on the 29th of September, they purchased the business on October 1, 2022. This caused a rough start for the couple in the business. In SWFL, the main items that are pressure cleaned are the roofs and cages around pools. Most of which were damaged due to the storm. They both love working in this industry because people are always there to help teach, lend one another a hand, and share information for the success of each other, even the competitors.

Missy had this to say “With all of the challenges we have faced so far, there has been peace within us, we have been able to maintain our joy and excitement about owning this new business with each other as best friends.

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