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Cleaning & Sealing Driveway Pavers in Sarasota

Unsightly stains come from mold, algae, and fungus that’s prone to growing in the humid climate of Sarasota summers. Regular pressure washing is critical to the upkeep of your pavers.

Paver sealing is important to maintain the safety and appearance of your home. Though often overlooked, your driveway is one of the first things people see when they approach your house.  In addition to maintaining your curb appeal, algae growth can also cause slip hazards in rainy weather, so it is very important to maintain with regular cleaning.

At Hoover Pressure Cleaning, we provide reliable and affordable Paver Cleaning and Sealing Services for residential and commercial clients throughout our Service Areas.

How often do pavers need to be resealed in Southwest Florida?

At Hoover, we recommend resealing your pavers every 2-3 years. Intensive sun and rain can shorten the sealant lifespan, so be sure to keep an eye on your driveway or lanai after periods of extreme weather.  If the sealant is still causing water to bead on the surface of your pavers, you are in good shape! If you begin to see weeds growing between the joints, or the pavers changing in color, call us out for a free estimate to have them resealed.

A proper sealant will keep your pavers looking as beautiful as the day they were installed while allowing you to clean less often and with less effort to maintain that “new house” look.

What Sealers does Hoover Pressure Cleaning use for the best results?

Whether you’re looking for a sealer to enhance the beauty of your pavers and tiles or if you just want to protect it with a clear sealer, we’ve got you covered at DECO PRODUCTS. Our exclusive line of Deco Products, Inc can solve your problems.

Deco Products has been manufacturing sealers and coatings for the concrete industry since 1991! With emphasis on creating a better world for future generations, we developed many different solvent free products for industries that mostly used hazardous! Since our beginning we have focused on the “Green” aspect of products. Since then our competitors have been trying to catch up! Adding water to your solvents doesn’t make you greener it makes your product inferior!!!

Deco Products, Inc Concrete Sealers are state of the art in NON HAZARDOUS and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY sealers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Foot traffic, usually okay within 24 hours of sealing, but should wait until there is no tackiness. Furniture & trash cans should be moved off the surface and stay off for 48 hours. It is recommended that you do not drive on the surface for 3 days, if the surface is tacky wait one more day. Wait at least 4 weeks to return rugs to the surface.

*Substrates are different, results may vary.

Plants and furniture that will be within 5 feet of the surface should be moved to a safe location where they will stay for at least 24-48 hours after sealing. We can move anything left behind, but we are not responsible for damage, or returning furniture. Plants covering the surface should be cut back to allow even cleaning and sealing. When this is not desired, plants in contact with the surface will be shielded but may get hit by some sealer; though it does not kill them it will make them shiny. We will not be responsible for moving clay pots or planters more than 50lbs, we will move furniture for a small fee.

Doors and windows near the surface should be checked for good weather seal. Keep in mind high pressure cleaning will test all weather stripping to well beyond hurricane winds and exterior cleaning is essential to leaving a project looking its best. Towels should be liberally placed where water damage is possible and sometimes should be changed regularly during work. If this is still a concern, please make it clear to the technician and we may be able to take additional steps. We are not responsible for damage caused by poor weather sealing.

Treat for weeds/pests at least a week ahead of time, Lawn sprinklers should be turned off before work begins and left off for 48 hours, Lawn and pool guys should be asked to wait for the full dry time to continue work, 48 hours minimum. If you are getting your driveway sealed your car should be removed from the garage prior to cleaning. When Garage door or similar structure is over the surface it should be moved accordingly. If no customer will be home, we ask that the door be left cracked so that it may be tended. However, if the door is only cracked we will not be able to clean debris from pressure cleaning.

Our preparation for sealing involves a thorough pressure cleaning and rinse of the entire area. Paint rarely chips off during pressure cleaning, but older poor-quality finishes may not hold up. Minor areas can be touched up with customer provided paint.

Pools are bound to get a little dirty, but excessive debris will be scooped out and we do our best to angle the mess away. If sealing the coping, a small amount of sealer will drop into the pool, it dissipates easily and is harmless. Unless stripping, the pool should be running while work is done to help the cleaning process. Occasionally, when stripping zinc from other sealers can turn pool green, if this happens please let us know and we will address it with you.

Mulch and leaves in flower beds around the surface may be displaced in the cleaning process against best efforts. Excessive debris will be cleaned to best ability but is sometimes not possible in order to keep the sealed surface clean, at least until sealer has dried. You may need to re-mulch after.

Rain may occur after sealing is complete and cause whiting on the surface, usually this is not cause for alarm but may require extra dry time.

Tires drive on dirty highways and accumulate debris, when you drive on the surface after we seal the dirt is easily transferred to the driveway. This normally can be rinsed away with your water hose.

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