Extend the life of Your Lanai, Pool Cage and Screen Enclosures

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Investing in your home by purchasing a lanai, pool cage or screen enclosure can be an expensive transaction, which is why getting the longest life out of your purchase is very important!

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your lanai, pool cage and screened enclosures will prolong their life. Hoover Pressure Cleaning, located in Southwest Florida, has trained technicians and expert equipment to carry out any pressure cleaning project you may have.

Not only will power washing your commercial or residential property add curb appeal, but it will also help keep the extrusion safe from deterioration.

How Algae Affects your Aluminum Pool Cage

Algae prospers in humid and warm climates, when algae are found on your aluminum framework, it is important to get the algae removed as soon as possible as it is working to compromise the aluminum as well as break down the crucial protective barriers of the metal and its coating. If the fungus is left on cage framework too long, it will deteriorate the paint or coatings on the metal.

How Algae Affects your Lanai Screens

For screens, it will speed up deterioration causing them to become brittle, reduce the life expectancy and make the enclosure very unattractive. The charcoal screen can become colored with fungus or show algae attached to it. The outside barrier or the screen will be weakened and “eaten” away. As this happens you will find the fiberglass yarn turning white or silver and it is coming off the metal that makes the screen.

Not only does this make the screen unsightly, but also mold will reduce the strength of the screen and eventually you will notice the discoloration. Various panels may even need to be replaced due to rips and tear- outs at the spine.

Therefore, proper pressure cleaning on a regular basis is imperative to extending the life of your screen enclosures and making them look beautiful and back to new!

What Fungus does to your Pool Cage

Fungus is serious and many people think it is a visual issue only. But fungus breaks down ALL protective surfaces and should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent corrosion. Since algae spread very easily, you will notice it will be more prominently in areas where the humidity is increased, usually where there is prominent shade and where water collects. Algae will spread rapidly and since it is transmitted by wind and wildlife, you will find it will cover a wide range of buildings in the same area or neighborhood.


The simplest way to get rid of the fungus on your lanai, pool cage or screen enclosure and to prolong the life of the structure is to pressure clean with proper techniques.

Depending on your structures, there are different spray techniques and pressures available to thoroughly clean and to protect your homes outdoor living area and maintain your wonderful investment.

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