How often should I pressure clean the exterior of my home?

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Most commonly in Sarasota, FL, it is overwhelmingly suggested that you have the exterior of your home maintained by having an exterior pressure cleaning done once a year. While this may be advisable it may not always seem practical to you as the homeowner.

What if you aren’t noticing anything on your home? You don’t see any green or black growth. It doesn’t appear as though there’s a speck of dirt or dust to worry with.

Here’s what we know about mold & algae growth:

We know that in their active states, mold and algae spores are invisible to the naked eye. They love the Southwest Florida weather because they thrive in warmer, more humid climates. They attach themselves to your roof, siding, and pool cages where they live unbeknownst to you because they’re invisible.

By the time the mold and algae turn that black or green color and become visible to you, they’ve already done their deeds and expired. What you’re seeing is their dead cells. The goal behind annual pressure washing is to get to the mold and algae BEFORE they have an opportunity to do damages to your home. Don’t wait to call Hoover Pressure Cleaning until the organisms have already had their opportunity to cause damage.

What happens if I let it go for a while and skip a year?

When those dead cells start to break down on your surface they can create oxidation. When you have oxidation on your exterior it can start to eat away at your paint on your home and gutters, breakdown concrete on your tiles and driveway, and cause your shingles to have granule loss.


Removing the mold in a timely manner helps maintain your home so future costly repairs are at a minimum. To do that, get on our annual clean calendar. It’s easy. Just call Hoover Pressure Cleaning and we’ll get you scheduled right away, and for your commitment to Hoover, we’ll offer you a permanent 10% discount of cleaning services while you remain on the program.

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