When is the right time to seal?

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A lot of our customers ask us when is the right time to seal. Luckily, we have the advantage of warmer clients here in Southwest Florida, which means sealing can be done all year long here. However, there are some key things you will want to know before making your decision to seal.

SWFL Florida Climate

In Florida, the climate and moisture can affect your sealing surfaces. It’s best not to apply a sealcoat to a wet, puddling surface which is why at Hoover we do all the cleaning of your surfaces a day in advance to allow for ample drying time. Our water-based products do allow for application on damp surfaces, yet we prefer not to chance it.

Sealing in the summer heat can cause products to flash dry, which means they dry too quickly on the hot surface, not allowing for proper penetration of your substrates. Because we don’t have the thaw/freeze that’s experienced in the Northern States, and to avoid the moisture of Florida’s rainy season, we’ve found the optimal time for sealing in SWFL to be late fall throughout the winter. And even though we don’t have the extended freeze periods like the northern states, when it gets too cold, because our products are water-based, freezing can occur so we like to work in that temperature sweet spot.

Benefits of Sealing

There are many benefits to sealing. It keeps your surface looking new, it protects from stain penetration, it inhibits weed growth. Sealing protects against UV rays from fading your pavers and if you have concrete it can protect against spalling. It also acts as a repellent against harmful fluids and protects against bacterial growth.

Sealing Finishes

We have several products we use at Hoover for sealing your surfaces. We use Deco Products, Inc Decorative Coatings to protect your investments.

Our most economical option is Deco 20 which is a clear penetrating concrete sealer. You’re going to get all the benefits of sealing without the shine. It’s going to protect your surface, act as a repellant and keep it looking newer longer.

If you prefer an enhanced look, which means it brings out the color, like when your pavers are wet, we offer SilaCast Beauty Enhancing Sealer. SilaCast penetrates deep into your substrate enhancing the natural colors of the material. If your pavers are looking old and dingy this may be just the solution to bring them back to life.

And for that glossy shine so many of our customers are looking for we have TravaCast. TravaCast adds protection against most stains, dries quickly, has a beautiful shine, and looks more vibrant. And as always at Hoover, the products we use are non-hazardous and non-toxic to your plants and animals.

Whether you’re looking to have your driveway or pool deck sealed, we have options for you. Call Hoover for your free estimate today!