Unlock Your Brick Pavers Beauty and Longevity with Proper Sealing

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Proper Brick Paver Sealing Products and Techniques Increase the Look and Last of your Pavers

If you have Brick Pavers at your home or business in Southwest Florida, you know how important it is to seal the pavers to increase the aesthetic appeal, prevent stains and increase the life of your pavers. Or if you are new to SWFL maybe you are wondering why you should seal? See our blog post on that subject here.

No matter how new you are to the area or whether you live in Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, Englewood, North Port, Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda – Hoover Pressure Cleaning -‘The Plant Friendly People™ ’ is an authorized applicator of Deco Products, Inc for Southwest Florida.

Introduction to Deco Products Paver Sealing Solutions

The Deco Products, Inc and family of products are manufactured in Denver, CO, made in the USA! Deco Products, Inc offers environmentally safe products – with an algae and mold inhibitor, that is water based, non-toxic and does not produce an odor so it is user friendly and safe to use around your children, pets and plants. This system dries in hours – not days and produces an appealing luster and protection for your pavers for years. Additionally, as it wears off there is NO flaking, spotting or stripping needed – EVER! These products are not solvent based sealers, they are penetrating/impregnating which means they can be sealed over multiple times.

Paver Sealing Solutions: Deco Products offered by Hoover Pressure Cleaning

Hoover Pressure Cleaning offers three paver sealer choices to choose from using Deco Products, Inc- which are all environmentally safe to use with low VOCs and no odor. They provide superior protection to your pavers and will extend the life of your investment.

Deco 20

Made for concrete sealing, will not change the appearance of the concrete and will protect from water intrusion, no water means no mold! This product is an impregnator and changes the structure of the concrete to keep water out.

SilaCast BES

If you are looking to enhance your pavers or even protect your stamped concrete then this penetrating sealer is what you need. This product helps protect porous substrates all while slightly enhancing the look. SilaCast is a great protector of Travertine tiles as well.


Bring on the shine! If you want a look that makes your substrate sparkle you can add TravaCast to make it shine. When used on Travertine* we suggest adding a non-slip additive to avoid slippery surfaces.

Having the professionals at Hoover Pressure Cleaning, ‘The Plant Friendly People™ ’, apply Deco Products, on your brick pavers will not only improve the look of your pavers and add curb appeal, but it will help protect this investment for your home. Most importantly, this system is ECO-Friendly and is still superior in protection for your paver patio, deck or driveway.

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