Meet the Machine that Pressure Cleans your Tile Roof

Featured image for post: Meet the Machine that Pressure Cleans your Tile Roof

One of Hoover’s Most FAQ’s: What is that machine you use on my Tile Roof?

So, you need your tile roof cleaned and you watched your neighbor get his cleaned by what looks like a floor buffer or a scrubber. That can be very alarming, especially knowing how fragile tile roofs are, you might tend to think that things will get broken or damaged. We understand how it looks and give us an opportunity to explain what the process entails so you can understand why we do what we do.

A surface cleaner (“the scrubber”) is a pressure washer attachment that is used to clean large surfaces quickly and efficiently. It consists of a rotating arm with multiple nozzles (2) that spray water at half of the pressure. The water jets from the nozzles create a scrubbing action that loosens dirt, grime, and debris from the surface. The rotating arm also helps to distribute the water evenly across the surface, ensuring that no area is missed.
There is also a bristled edge that may be seen but it is only to keep water from spraying out of the covered area. Once the rotating arm begins to spin and the water jets will start to spray and it will hover over the tiles, never touching them.

As the technician walks, the surface cleaner will clean the surface evenly and efficiently. If we have to use a wand to clean the same amount of water pressure is coming out of 1 orifice rather than 2 on the surface cleaner, we appropriately turn down the pressure as required when this method is needed.

As we are sure you can imagine the work our technicians do can be very labor intensive, especially out in the Florida heat. Using a surface cleaner helps by saving labor time and therefore saving you money. Prices are reflective of our method of cleaning, so unfortunately if we have to wand the entire roof we have to charge more for our technician’s time.

Don’t be nervous to ask us questions, we get them all the time and above all else we want you to be comfortable and confident in our abilities to clean your tile roof. Give us a call at 941-687-6886 because from the Roof to the Street with Hoover Your Cleaning Can be Complete.