Why should I seal my pavers?

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Have you ever wondered why Sealing your pavers is important? There are many reasons why you should seal your pavers in Southwest Florida. There are also some myths that we’ll debunk for you regarding paver sealing.

First things first, proper preparation is essential prior to sealing your pavers. Make sure your pavers are pressure cleaned with a light cleaning solution, this will kill any antimicrobials growing on the surface of the pavers. Then the pavers will need to be properly rinsed with 100% water. Any staining or debris left on your pavers prior to sealing will be sealed into the paver. Also, you will not want to have your pavers sealed in the higher temperatures of the day in Southwest Florida. This can cause the sealer to flash dry and therefore become ineffective. Early morning sealing is best during summer.

Sealing is important, here’s why:

Sealing may seem like just another cost or another maintenance requirement, and you’re right, it’s something you’ll want to keep up with, so here are the most important reasons we find it’s in your best interest to seal.


    • To protect your pavers from the elements. Southwest Florida is a hot, humid climate, which can be very damaging to pavers. Sealing your pavers will help to protect them from the sun’s UV rays, and all of the rain we experience during the rainy season. Sealing will help to extend the life of your pavers and keep them looking their best. If you’ve made the investment to install pavers, you should go the extra mile to have them sealed.


    • To prevent weeds and algae growth. Unsealed pavers can be a breeding ground for weeds and algae. Sealing your pavers will help to prevent the growth of weeds and algae, which will help to keep your pavers looking clean and free of unsightly growth. Myth Debunked: The key word here is PREVENT, this means it will help keep the weeds and algae down, this does NOT mean that you will not have any maintenance in keeping the pavers at their best. We suggest rinsing the area once a month with your garden hose and spraying weed killer (white vinegar works well if you have pets) to help keep the weeds to a minimum.


    • To make your pavers easier to clean. When pavers are not sealed, they can become dirty and stained easily. Sealing your pavers will create a barrier that will help to repel dirt and stains. This will make your pavers easier to clean and keep them looking their best. Myth Debunked: Sealing will NOT protect the paver from oil spills. Oil has smaller molecules than water and can penetrate breathable coatings, although sealing will slow the process of penetration to make for fast clean-up it cannot stop oil penetration.


    • To enhance the appearance of your pavers. Sealing your pavers will give them a deep, rich color that will make them look their best. This is especially important if you have brick pavers, which can fade over time due to sun bleaching.


    • Sealing prevents pest infestation. When you seal pavers, you create a barrier that prevents water and moisture from penetrating the surface of the pavers. This makes it more difficult for pests to find food and water, and it can also help to keep them out of the joints between the pavers. Myth Debunked: You will still need to do maintenance to prevent pest infestation, sealing will NOT keep the bugs out. Bugs tunnel and can easily break the barrier of sand between your pavers finding a way into your space. We recommend having your pest control taken care of quarterly.



paver DW before seal paver DW after seal

  • The environment in Southwest Florida can be harsh on your pavers, the most important thing you can do to keep your pavers properly maintained is to seal them. Pavers may increase property value and enhance curb appeal and homeowners should understand maintenance is a crucial part of keeping their pavers in optimal shape.


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