3 Reasons Why Cleaning Your Roof is Essential for Florida Homeowners

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As a resident living in the beautiful Southwest Florida area, you know just how charming the Florida sun can be, however, what some homeowners don’t realize is the heat, blaring sunshine and seasonal rain unique to Florida can be very harsh, create algae and may cause damage to the roof of your home or business. It is essential to have both commercial and residential pressure cleaning performed on your roof to enhance the cosmetic appeal, to prevent roof damage and extend the life of your roof.

1. Pressure Clean for Cosmetic Appearance – Get Rid of the Dirt and Debris!

Pressure cleaning your roof in Southwest Florida will instantly beautify your home, condominium association, commercial building, or office. Imagine improving the aesthetic of your building by having the professionals at Hoover Pressure Cleaning – “The Plant Friendly People”; remove the unsightly algae, dirt, and debris on your roof.
While your home is your biggest investment, regular maintenance will help you prevent damage to your roof as well as keep it beautiful. With all the specialized equipment and cleaning agents available to you, like Roof-A-Cide ®, (keep the algae away forever and never clean again) it is certain you can trust Hoover Pressure Cleaning to do the job right without damaging your property.

2. Algae, Moss, Fungus… Oh My!!

Have you ever noticed the green or black stains on your roof? The stains and streaks you see running down your roof are not dirt! It is Algae, Moss, Fungus, or other organisms, which have taken root in your roof. These nasty organisms grow and bind into your roof and will cause devastating effects on your roof if it is not cleaned and maintained. Not only do these elements have a negative appearance on your home or business in Southwest Florida but can drastically reduce the life of your roof by breaking down the tile and shingles potentially causing problems with leaks and moisture penetration and shortening the life of your roof. Not only is it unsightly, but also it can become very costly to repair the damage the roof algae have caused.
Ever wonder how the algae break down the shingles? The process can spread at different rates depending on the elements around your home. Once roof algae attach to a shingle roof, it breaks down the shingles by feeding on the dead organic matter used in the manufacturing process of the shingle. During this process, the granules protecting the surface of the shingles begin to loosen and eventually may fall off. This causes premature deterioration and weakens the roof’s abilities to reflect the heat rays, when this process occurs, it can increase your cooling expenses. For your tile, you also have energy efficiency issues along with premature deterioration of the mortar joints and well as the tile themselves.

3. Extend the Life of Your Roof

The life expectancy of your roof varies due to the type of roof you have on your building. With regular roof cleaning, it will remove the organisms that damage your shingles and tile and serves as prevention for fungus growth. Hoover Pressure Cleaning – “The Plant Friendly People” offer so many options to fit your needs. They provide effective material sensitive power washing services and have Eco-Friendly chemicals like Roof-A-Cide® to prevent fungus growth.

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