Why Professional Roof Cleaning Benefits Your Homeowner or Condominium Association

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Hoover Pressure Cleaning is a locally owned business in Southwest Florida who knows that keeping a clean roof is important to any homeowner or condominium association for many reasons.

Three reasons include:

  1. Uniformed Clean Appearance of the homes in your association and stops the fungus from moving home to home.
  2. Plant Friendly Cleaning & Eco-Friendly products safe for children, animals, and plants.
  3. Cost Effective Cleaning and Maintenance Plans available that save money in the long-run – don’t let the fungus eat away your roof.


Appearance is extremely important for homeowner associations and condominium associations. The residents that live in these dwellings expect to have a tidy and clean area to live it. Most the time, there are many rules to abide by when living in these communities. It is very important to have a clean-living environment for several reasons, but here are just a few:

  • First appearance to potential new homeowners is important – no one wants to live in an area that has no curb appeal.
  • Homeowners want a peaceful and beautiful area to live in
  • A dirty roof with debris and algae does not look good against dark green fertilized and cut grass, or neat and tidy landscapes.

Eco-Friendly Products:

Hoover Pressure Cleaning specializes in Plant Friendly power washing & Eco-Friendly products and services.  From pressure sensitive cleaning methods to Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions, you know it will be a right choice for the environment in your association.  Hoover Pressure Cleaning offers Roof-A-Cide, a proprietary mixture of cleaning agents and EPA approved algaecides that are extremely effective in controlling recurring discoloration on tile, and asphalt shingle roof surfaces. It is applied to the roof surface and will keep it clean for at least 2 years! When applied every two years, the unsightly stains will NEVER return – GUARANTEED!

Roof-A-Cide® is effective on barrel tile, concrete tile, stone-coated metal, and asphalt/fiberglass shingles. So, you know that every roof in your community will be covered.  This Eco-friendly solution is safe around children, animals, and plants, so you are rest assured there will be no harmful effects of cleaning your roofs.

Cost Effective:

As you know, keeping a clean roof is eye pleasing to anyone, but did you also know it is cost effective?  Keeping a clean roof allows the roof to do part of its job, which is reflecting heat. When there is dirt, debris and fungus on a roof it cannot effectively reflect heat, which increases energy bills.  Plus, the fungus is a living organism binding and eating away at all it lives on.  Therefore, without pressure washing or keeping it away the life of your exterior paint, roof and anything it grows on is lessened.

When using the Roof-A-Cide product, Hoover Pressure Cleaning will do the work in making sure you have your bi-annual maintenance done.  They will notify you when it is time to reapply and this is a great option for any busy community manager, there is no pressure on you or any of the staff to make sure they remember in 2 years when to get the work done.

You will simply be added to the ‘Forever Clean’ program and Hoover Pressure Cleaning handles the rest.  This will help save money for you in operating costs for your community managers.

Hoover Pressure Cleaning is proud to have served the Southwest Florida area since 1996 and come highly recommended by many Home Owners and Associations.


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