Plant Friendly, Experienced, and Reliable

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Hoover Pressure Cleaning has been in business for over 25 years. Although we have had different owners, we have always maintained our superb quality of work. As the business has changed hands so have the success stories of our talented and trained crew. Our technicians are capable and confident in their abilities to offer our customers top-notch cleaning services.

Curb appeal, cleanliness, health benefits. All great reasons to consider having your home pressure washed. We often get calls from realtors wanting a thorough cleaning of a home they are trying to sell or homeowners trying to bring life back into their dingy surroundings. Often there will be mold growth which can cause adverse side effects to your overall well-being. We offer pet-friendly cleanings to our customers. We use a lower amount of chlorine than most of our competitors and we have a no-kill guarantee for your plants.

We offer Roof-A-Cide treatments to those who are eligible. Roof-A-Cide is a mold and algae inhibitor. It works on mildew and fungus as well and prevents your roof from becoming stained with unsightly tiles. When you sign up for our Roof-A-Cide program you have a two-year written guarantee that if at any time within the warranty your roof would become icky, we’ll clean it at no cost to the customer. That’s how sure we are that you will be happy with this product.

We seal too! For our seal jobs we use the trusted Deco products. Whether it be Deco 20, TravaCast or SilaCast, we have just the right product for your substrate. We seal decks, lanais, driveways, sidewalk and more. One of our technicians will come to your home, take measurements and check sand levels. They’ll get that information back to us in the office and just like that, you’ll get your free estimate. Call today to book your appointment!